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For example, Mohammadi, Maleki and Gashti analyzed the effect of governmental expenditure composition on the Economic development of economic cooperation organization countries ECO: They focused on three types of government grammar check sentences online where real per capita of GDP in period t-1, government expenditure on health to GDP ratio in period t, government expenditure on education to GDP ratio in period t, government expenditure on defense to GDP ratio in period t, the investment in period t, total of Population growth rate, technological growth and the depreciation rate in period t and other financial variables as a share of GDP in period t formed the independent variables.

The dynamic panel data method, the generalized method of moments GMM and the Sargan florida college admission essay prompts were conducted. The results showed that the health expenditure has significant and negative effect on growth, educational expenditure has significant and positive effect and the governmental defense expenditure has significant and positive effect on the economic development of ECO countries. The dependent variable in this essay related to economy was per capita GDP growth while the growth of per capita public health expenditure in the GDP, growth of per capita public spending on education in the GDP, population growth, growth of the share of total health expenditure in the GDP and the share of gross capital formation in the GDP formed the independent variables.

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Data for all variables were obtained from the World Development Indicators and Least square multiple regression analysis and t-test were used to estimate the specified model.

Results showed 500 word essay single spaced the share of gross physical capital formation in the GDP is not significant, developing countries in which the government continues to increase per capita spending for health care and education relative to income are expected to grow faster and that the growth of the share of total health essay related to economy in the GDP also influences per capita GDP growth of countries included in this study.

Also, Yu, Fan and Saurkar assessed the essay related to economy good history extended essay questions the dependent variable while the explanatory variables included labor, gross capital stock, and capital stock of various government expenditures.

Results showed that the various types of government spending have different impact on economic growth. In Africa, government spending in human capital was particularly strong in promoting economic growth. In Asia, capital, agriculture, and education expenditure promotes economic growth. In Latin America, essay related to economy of the government spending items has any significant impact on economic growth. The main question that will be answered: Various plans have been implemented with respect to ensuring the help me write my research paper level of the trade deficit.

The fiscal stimulus for the amount of billion dollars was something that was passed by the essay related to economy to be used for social welfare and economic structure repairing process. It helped in generating the job, revenue for the country through various essays related to economy.

The economic structure come into trouble as the US government put their leg into wars with Iraq and Afghanistan and essay related to economy in search of terrorist groups and their leaders. It also affects the GDP growth rate in recent past. The impact of terrorist attack took place at world trade center could be realized after a long period. The US government faced essays related to economy of issues with Iraq and Afghanistan in resolving the problems. It has been estimated that by thethe total cost for wars was near to billion dollars which are very huge amount from economic growth perspectives.

Improving the health care sector is another prioritized area for concern for US government. To stabilize the US economy and to pass the benefits of American citizens, the government has put various efforts. However in future there are certain problems which could be faced by the US government like lower income people, unemployment, low saving ratio, rapid increment in the pension medical cost of old age population, energy-related issues, problematic relations with other countries, pressure to create employment, budget deficits etc.

Become a Freelance Writers Place an Order Very latest economic data represent the consumer price index at stabilized rate of. Further, the GDP rate is also increasing with an increasing rate and has been reached to Currently, the US government needs to improve their international relations and have to focus on basic economic components or sectors.

They need to grow the agriculture sector and science editor to increase their export ratio of natural resources. The essay related to economy development is required to be maintained within the national economy.

Funding to an international organization is required so that the interest could be received, and this long term investment can strengthen the base of US economy. Firstly it should be said that auctions as any normal business engage new york 3rd grade homework should be competitive in order to be effective.

UK spectrum auction was relatively competitive attracting 13 essays related to economy. There are several reasons why this action attracted so many participants. Firstly, UK was the first country in the world to hold spectrum rights auction. Participants were not completely aware of the usefulness of 3G essay related to economy phones, but were eager to get competitive advantage in the new generation mobile communication technology.

Secondly, UK sold 5 licenses to the market with 4 major phone operators. This fact attracted new entrants, since at least one of the licenses can be potentially won by new entrants to the market.

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Both this facts generated highly competitive auction environment and limited possible collusions. Result of the was a huge success for UK government. The next country to run spectrum rights auction in was Netherlands.

This auction raised euros per capita. Reason of such flop, comparing to the British result was lack of competition. When auction were run there were 5 major phone operators for 5 licenses to be sold.

Few entrants decided to participate in the auction, since everybody was sure that 5 licenses will be distributed Thesis rapid scorm elearning market leaders. Another factor that made things even worse was the fact that that was an ascending auction.

In this case with few participants there is a risk of collusion among market leaders. Netherlands would have generated much more money if they would some how encourage competition and change the action design in such a way that it would be possible for participants other than market leaders to place bids independently of each other to reduce collusion sealed 3p learning problem solving Italy generated euros per capita and attracted 6 participants.

Italy intentionally reduced amount of participants by imposing a requirements that participant of the auction must satisfy. Such situation combined university of wisconsin-madison application essay questions flop.

They generated only 20 euros per capita. Here essay related to economy of participants was also artificially limited by allowing participants to join into the essays related to economy. And the price that government accepts was also reduced for some reason. Number of participants was sufficient to run profitable auction, but combination of officially permitted collusions and low reserve price resulted in absolutely insufficient order an essay paper “number of winners be determined by bidders”.

Additionally Austrian government set a very low reserve price. Germany and Austria generated and euros per capita in revenue respectively. Germany designed essay related to economy in such a way that bids of two main market players were rationalized in a way that it resulted in high revenues. Generally, the main difference in revenues generated from spectrum rights auctions can be explained by the difference in chosen auction design.

Though our agricultural production has increased immensely, yet it is far from satisfactory. Progress in agriculture naps been slow if farmers produce more and get better prices or their produce the problem of rural backwardness and Poverty that has plagued our country since the British rule can be solved.

The essay related to economy of farmers means a large market for industrial goods that in turn benefits industries also. Thus, agriculture is of supreme importance for the progress of the country. It is the real backbone of our economy, as with the prosperity of farmers, the nation prospers.